The 2002 Félix HOUPHOUÈT BOIGNY’S prize for peace Research is awarded to ANGELA Merkel,
the former German chancellor.

This award constitués the recognition of the international community through the jurys members
of the 2022 edition of this initiative to ANGELA Merkel for her courageous policy of opening the
German borders to refugees from the ofgans, Eritreans especially in 2015, in the worst moments of
armed conflits and insecurity in these countries .

In 2015, the country recieved ANGELA MERKEL 1,2 millions refugees from these countries
for the president of the jury Denis MKWEGE << It is a beautiful lesson that she left to humanity.>>.

Remenber that ANGELA kasner Merkel was born in july 17 1954 in Hamburg. During her
political career. She was president of the Christian democratic union federal chancellor from
Germany November 22 2005 to december2021.

From 1991 to 1994, she served as federal minister for women and youth in the Helmut Kohl 4
cabinet .

The former chancellor also held the post of the post of federal minister for the environnent, nature,
protection and nuclear safety in the Kohl 5 cabinet..

Eugénie (stagiaire).

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